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Natural seaweed product, containing vital iodine, natural minerals, vitamins, amino acids, supports pigmentation, for a glossy coat. Optimal supplement also of raw material supplements

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( €21.22 / kg)

The natural additive for stomach and intestines

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Was  €17.99
( €28.98 / kg)
Was  €31.99
( €23.99 / kg)

Food additive in powder form for the prevention of diet-related deficiencies!

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( €29.98 / kg)

Specifically formulated for older dogs, these highly concentrated granules support heart, liver and kidney function, keep joints, eyes and nerves healthy and support your dog's immune system.

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Was  €39.99
( €47.99 / kg)


Tried & tested Hokamix herb mix for dogs, tasty snacks with delicious chicken, particularly for picky dogs, for healthy skin, shiny fur and a boosted metabolism

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( €22.49 / kg)

A natural 100% herbal supplement made with nettle, rosemary and horsetail that helps promote healthy skin, coat, joints and digestion.

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( €44.97 / kg)
( €39.99 / kg)
( €28.80 / kg)


This veterinary supplement helps reduce gastrointestinal problems in dogs and puppies, with helpful probiotic bacteria to promote intestinal health and strengthened immune system.

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30 x 1g
( €0.88 / g)

Help relieve your dog’s stomach problems with this soft, flavoursome nutritional supplement, full of effective ingredients designed to reduce issues such as chronic diarrhoea and poor stool quality.

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( €9.49 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 2 x 100g
individually priced €18.98
( €9.00 / 100g)

Help to regulate your dog’s digestion with this nutritional supplement, relieving soft stool & diarrhoea, with moisture-binding minerals, soluble fibres & prebiotics to help promote healthy gut flora.

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( €3.40 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 3 x 250g
individually priced €25.47
( €28.65 / kg)

Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Digestion is a complete and balanced diet for dogs with sensitive digestion. Supports a healthy digestive system. With Vital Health Formula and FOS prebiotics.

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( €3.68 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 12.5kg
individually priced €91.98
( €3.60 / kg)

Pure, natural Moor product containing essential vitamins and minerals. Helps with digestion irregularities and stimulates the growth of gut flora - for cats, dogs & small pets

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Was  €11.99
( €6.33 / 100g)
Was  €19.99
( €33.98 / kg)
Was  €59.99
( €21.60 / kg)

Probiotic concentrate supplement for dogs, which helps to promote solid stools, healthy digestion, shiny coat and healthy skin. Also helps to strengthen your dog’s immune system and natural defences.

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( €4.24 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 2 x 200g
individually priced €16.98
( €38.72 / kg)

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