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Dental & Oral Health:

Dietetic dry dog food has a special fibre matrix that helps to keep your small breed dog’s teeth clean. The smaller kibble can help to improve dental hygiene, reduce tartar, plaque and stains.

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( €8.66 / kg)
Economy Pack: 3 x 3kg
individually priced €77.99
Now €74.99
( €8.33 / kg)

Hill's Canine Oral Care Dog Food, patented dental technology with tooth cleaning effect, with clinically proven reduction of plaque and tartar, reduces discolouration and leads to whiter teeth

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( €6.74 / kg)
Economy Pack: 3 x 2kg
individually priced €39.99
Now €37.99
( €6.33 / kg)

Royal Canin Dental Diet is a special complete dry food for dogs to reduce dental plaque, tartar and bad breath. Kibble with the optimal shape and texture. Traps calcium.

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( €5.28 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 14kg
individually priced €147.99
Now €145.99
( €5.21 / kg)

High-quality kibble for dogs with kidney problems. Wheat-free recipe with a reduced protein and mineral content. Helps to relieve strain on the metabolism and prevent urinary gravel and kidney stones.

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( €2.56 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 12.5kg
individually priced €61.99
Now €55.99
( €2.24 / kg)

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