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Small Pet New Products: Small Animal Supplies & Accessories

At zooplus, we're always working to expand our selection of products so you can find what you need. Here are some of our newest additions for your furry friend.

Ball set for small pets, no glue, plastic or metal, 100% natural material, can also be used as material for nest building, no risk of injury, ideal for playing and nibbling, guaranteed fun

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3 x 8cm Diameter
Was  €6.49
Now  €5.49

Cute ceramic bowl for small pets with rabbit & hamster motif, suitable for water, dry food & fresh fruit and veggies, stable, dishwasher safe, dimensions: 21 x 10.5 x 3.5 cm (L x W x H)

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2 x 150ml
Was  €7.99
Now  €6.99

Wooden hay rack for small pets, for hay, grasses and other treats, protects against contamination, keeps hay fresh and dry, no danger of injury, suitable standing or lying

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19 x 15cm (H x D)
Was  €12.99
Now  €10.99

Stylish ceramic bowl for guinea pigs and rabbits, with rounded edges, easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, colour selection is not available

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Guinea Pig 200ml / 10cm Diameter
Was  €3.39
Now  €2.79
Rabbit 400ml / 13cm Diameter
Was  €5.49
Now  €4.49

Foldable hay rack made of natural wood for small pets, can be filled with hay, straw, grasses and other treats, protects against contamination, keeps food fresh, dry and tasty, freestanding

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15 x 15 x 11 cm (L x W x H)
Was  €5.49
Now  €4.49

This species appropriate complete food is ideal for rabbits from the age of 6 months. It contains 42 different plants & vegetables, and a 3-fibre mix to promote dental abrasion and balanced digestion.

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Was  €37.99
Now  €29.99
( €7.50 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 4kg
individually priced €59.98
Now €56.99
( €7.12 / kg)

Feed your dwarf hamster this complete balanced dish, free from pellets and extrudate but packed with a range of valuable ingredients and beneficial nutrients from small seeds and delicious mealworms.

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( €17.98 / kg)
Saver Pack: 2 x 500g
individually priced €17.98
Now €16.99
( €16.99 / kg)

This natural bedding litter for rabbits and small pets has high absorbency & naturally stops unpleasant odours. It is economical & kind to sensitive paws, as well as being biodegradable & low in dust.

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( €0.80 / l)
Saver Pack: 2 x 20l
individually priced €31.98
Now €30.69
( €0.77 / l)

This plant fibre mix natural bedding for small pets is ideal for tunnelling and building tunnels and passageways, encouraging natural activity and keeping your pet busy. It is also highly absorbent.

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Was  €24.49
Now  €19.99
( €0.57 / l)
Economy Pack: 2 x 35l
individually priced €39.98
Now €38.29
( €0.55 / l)

A diverse set of 3 varieties of hay ideal for rabbits and small pets. It contains unique plants and herbs from nature conservation meadows, gently warm air-dried and offering delicious highlights.

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3 x 250g
( €21.32 / kg)
Saver Pack: 6 x 250g
individually priced €31.98
Now €26.99
( €17.99 / kg)

A delicious mixed feed in a sack for rabbits and small pets, ideal for hanging in a run and offering an exciting search for snacks in a tasty, crunchy combination of hay, vegetables and flowers.

Delivery in 1-5 working days ...more

2 x 30g
( €11.32 / 100g)
4 x 30g
individually priced €13.58
Now €11.49
( €9.58 / 100g)

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