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Cat Milk:

Lactose-free milk for cats from 3 months, with handy 20ml snack-size portions, to give your cat a tasty, milky treat between meals that is easy to digest, with essential calcium & biotin.

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7 x 20ml
( €1.35 / 100ml)
21 x 20ml
individually priced €5.67
Now €5.29
( €12.60 / l)

Lactose-reduced cat milk, formulated to meet the needs of cats, enriched with valuable vitamins and taurine, it is tasty, well accepted and easy to digest. re-closable bottles

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6 x 250ml
( €2.93 / l)

Digestible cat milk in the in great value 6-pack - special milk for cats that's extremely tasty and digestible - resealable with a practical screw cap

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6 x 200ml
( €4.99 / l)

Kitten milk Royal Canin Babycat Milk is a perfectly adjusted milk substitute for kittens from birth to weaning.

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300g (3 x 100g pouch)
( €3.16 / 100g)

A substitute for your kitten's mother's milk, designed to meet the needs of baby cats. Enriched with TGOS. Also suitable for nursing and pregnant cats.

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2 kg
Was  €41.99
Now  €35.99
( €18.00 / kg)

Beaphar Kitty Milk replaces or supplements the milk your kitten usually receives daily from its mother, with essential fatty acids, taurine, vitamins and minerals

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200 g
( €2.40 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 3 x 200 g
individually priced €14.37
Now €12.99
( €21.65 / kg)

Trixie Vitamin-Paste is a delicious paste for kittens. Promotes healthy growth and a shiny coat, strengthens the immune system and supports the metabolism. Suitable for old, sick or lactating cats.

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Was  €3.59
Now  €2.99
( €2.99 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 3 x 100g
individually priced €8.97
Now €8.49
( €28.30 / kg)

A special cat dessert, made from milk reduced in lactose. A delicious, calcium-rich treat for felines with a sweet tooth - now in a resealable pouch.

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Was  €1.99
Now  €1.79
( €1.19 / 100g)

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