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Royal Canin Babydog milk is an easily digestible, complete milk substitute for nursing puppies.

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2kg (5 x 400g)
( €17.00 / kg)

Meradog Puppy Milk is a supplementary food for puppies, rich in important milk protein for healthy growth, also suitable for building up health for adults with pups

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Was  €24.99
Now  €20.99
( €8.40 / kg)

Energy-boost, enriched with glucose, quickly absorbed by the body, for pets with high energy requirements incl. police and sports dogs, suitable as an appetiser for fussy dogs and cats

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Was  €14.49
Now  €11.99
( €29.97 / kg)

Top quality puppy milk with low lactose content (max. 25%) for rearing puppies from birth without a mother. With gut flora stabilising probiotic cultures. Recommended by vets.

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( €17.98 / kg)
Saver Pack 4 x 500g
Was  €35.96
Now  €34.99
( €17.50 / kg)

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