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Original Carnello Dog Spaghetti - Training Pack

Premium, air-dried dog chews, made from carefully selected pig intestines, gently processed to retain the great taste. Small size (approx. 4 cm) in a re-sealable package. 100% natural, no additives. ...Continuation of Product Description

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Amazing: "My 3 dogs love these and knowing they are pure protein makes a difference" ......further information

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Original Carnello Dog Spaghetti chews are made from carefully selected pig casings (intestines) which have been gently air-dried over a period of 4 days. They are a delicious and healthy chew speciality, and also available as shorter chews (approx. 4 cm) in this handy training pack with resealable packaging. Great for when you are out and about or training your dog.

The unique processing methods are what differentiates Original Carnello Dog Spaghetti from other similar products

Carnello Dog Spaghetti is gently air-dried over several day days, so as to retain its natural aroma, appetising colour and nutritional content. This method ensures that it stays soft and flexible with 10-15% moisture content. Carnello Dog Spaghetti doesn't crumble or splinter when your dog chews on it and it is ideal for puppies and elderly dogs. It is a great way to keep your dog's teeth clean and jaw muscles healthy.

Carnello Dog Spaghetti is a healthy snack, with lots of valuable nutrients. The product undergoes regular checks to ensure correct microbiological values. These dog snacks can help to regulate gut flora as well as aiding a healthy immune system. They also contain biotin which is good for a healthy skin and shiny fur.

Original Carnello Spaghetti dog chews are a natural product. They do not contain any additives so they are suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions and allergies.

Carnello Dog Spaghetti Training Pack at a glance:

  • A gourmet dog chew speciality
  • Carefully selected pig intestines
  • Training Pack with shorter (4cm) chews in re-sealable bag
  • Delicious, healthy snack, suitable for all dogs
  • Completely natural, no additives
  • Contains biotin for a healthy, shiny coat
  • Can help to regulate gut flora and keep the immune system healthy
  • Does not splinter
  • Suitable for puppies and older dogs
Carnello Dog Spaghetti is a unique dog snack. Regular veterinary controls ensure a consistent excellent quality.

Please note: These dog chews are a completely natural product and do not contain artificial additives, therefore they should be used quickly once the package has been opened.

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