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A grain free wet food for cats with elevated blood sugar levels. Rich in protein and completely free of carbohydrates, it helps to regulate glucose and maintain muscle mass.

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( €8.15 / kg)
( €8.15 / kg)
( €8.15 / kg)
( €8.15 / kg)

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline m/d was especially formulated for overweight cats with diabetes.

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( €11.66 / kg)
( €8.00 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 5kg
individually priced €79.99
Now €76.99
( €7.70 / kg)

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline m/d - Diabetes/Weight Management is dietetic food for overweight & diabetic cats, promoting weight loss with a low carbohydrates & high protein & added L-Carnitine.

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12 x 156g cans
( €10.69 / kg)
Saver Pack: 24 x 156g
individually priced €39.99
Now €36.99
( €9.89 / kg)

A complete dietetic dry food for adult cats with diabetes mellitus. This food has a low level of rapid glucose-releasing carbohydrates and is especially formulated to regulate the glucose supply.

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( €9.43 / kg)

A complete, wet dietetic food for cats aged 6 months and older with diabetes. Rich in protein and with a reduced calorie and starch content. This tasty food in pouches helps regulate the blood sugar.

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12 x 100g
( €10.41 / kg)

Grain-free dry food for cats with diabetes mellitus. Helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, with salmon oil for healthy skin and a glossy coat.

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( €8.33 / kg)
Economy Pack: 3 x 1.2kg
individually priced €28.99
Now €24.49
( €6.80 / kg)

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