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Fill with salad, hay or any other treats

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12 cm diameter
RRP*  €4.99
Our Price  €2.69

A great toy for rabbits and guinea pigs. Playing rope with two wooden blocks at each end.

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RRP*  €2.69
Our Price  €1.59

Natural wood teeter-totter for guinea pigs or dwarf rabbits.

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32.5 x 7.5 x 14 cm
RRP*  €6.49
Our Price  €2.99

This wooden ball with a bell is a great activity toy for small pets. They can play with it or nibble on it.

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6 cm
RRP*  €2.99
Our Price  €1.59
Guinea Pigs:

Rubber play ball for small pets, diameter: 7 cm.

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diameter 7 cm
RRP*  €3.49
Our Price  €2.69

Weather resistant tunnel for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, max. L 76cm, diameter: 21cm.

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diameter: 21cm x L 76cm
RRP*  €13.40
Our Price  €9.99

Living World 3 in 1 is an easy-to-clean, interactive plastic toy. There are 3 different games involving lifting and pushing flaps. With varying levels of difficulty. Instructions are included.

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24 x 24 cm
Was  €17.99
Now  €14.99

Wooden hay rack for small pets, for hay, grasses and other treats, protects against contamination, keeps hay fresh and dry, no danger of injury, suitable standing or lying

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19 x 15cm (H x D)
Was  €12.99
Now  €10.99

Ball set for small pets, no glue, plastic or metal, 100% natural material, can also be used as material for nest building, no risk of injury, ideal for playing and nibbling, guaranteed fun

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3 x 8cm Diameter
Was  €6.49
Now  €5.49

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