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Soft, natural nesting material from JR Farm for making their own nest

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1 pod
Was  €3.39
Now  €2.79
( €2.79 / piece)
3 pods
individually priced €8.37
Now €6.49
( €2.16 / piece)

Flexible perch made from twisted cotton that attaches to the cage. For canaries, cockatiels and small parrots.

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Size S
Was  €2.29
Now  €1.89
Size M
Was  €3.39
Now  €2.79

Extra large bath house for parrots & large parakeets to hang up inside or outside of your cage, adjustable perch sizes, also suitable as a bathtub for chinchillas and degus.

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size: 38 x 24 x 28 cm
Was  €29.99
Now  €24.99

Chrome-plated stainless steel bowl with screw fitting, clean and hygienic, ideal for hutches or at shows.

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0.15 l, Diameter 7 cm
RRP*  €2.29
Our Price  €1.69
0.28 l, Diameter 9 cm
RRP*  €3.39
Our Price  €2.29
0.56 l, Diameter 12 cm
RRP*  €4.49
Our Price  €2.99

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