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Hill's Puppy Healthy Development Large Breed with Chicken

Hill's Puppy Healthy Development Large Breed with Chicken for pups of large breeds, low in fat and calories for measured growth, with monitored levels of calcium for healthy bone development ...Continuation of Product Description

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Great Product: "My 2 Fox Red Labrador's love this they will jump high even when I get the bag out of the cupboard! Thank you Hills for a wonderful product :-)" ......further information

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44.99 87.99 EUR 3
( €4.09 / kg)
Economy Pack: 2 x 11kg
individually priced €89.98
( €4.00 / kg)
( €3.87 / kg)
Hill's Puppy Healthy Development Large Breed with Chicken was developed to cater for the special dietary needs of puppies of large breeds up to 12 months old who will weigh over 25 kg when they are grown up. Large breed dogs have particular demands on their food. Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed gives your dog the best start to a healthy life. Your puppy needs high quality, nutritious food to keep up with the big ones - Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed. This dog food supports healthy muscle and bone development for a well-measured and healthy growth. Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed also contains Hill's antioxidant formula for life-long health, and L-carnitine, a special nutrient which supports bone and muscle growth.

Advantages of Hill's Puppy Healthy Development Large Breed with Chicken:

  • Hill's Puppy Large Breed has been developed for the particular nutritional requirements of puppies aged up to 12 months weighing more than 25kg
  • Balanced nutrition and excellent taste for pups of large breeds
  • Low fat and calorie levels prevent your large breed puppy from growing too fast
  • Monitored levels of calcium for healthy joint and bone development
  • Hill's Canine Puppy Large Breed contains Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula which supports the immune system
  • Supplemented L-carnitine promotes strong muscles and bones, so your puppy can grow big and strong
  • The easy-to-digest ingredients reduce the amount of faeces, and reduce feeding costs
  • Contains 55% poultry in total, of which 35% is chicken.
Hill's dog food is made using high-quality, easily-digestible ingredients which will give a bowl of Science Plan a much higher nutritional value than a bowl of normal pet food. So the cost of feeding your dog will be lower than you might expect!


Please note:
Due to the low energy concentration and reduced calcium content, Canine Puppy Large Breed is NOT suitable for pregnant or nursing bitches, who should be given original Canine Puppy instead.

Ingredients: Corn, poultry meal, rice, digest, animal fat, dried whole egg, cellulose, beet pulp, minerals, flax seed, fish oil, vegetable oil.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A [E 672] (20,430 IU/kg), vitamin D3 [E 671] (1200 IU/kg), iron [E1] (299 mg/kg), iodine [E2] (3 mg/kg), copper [E4] (37.9 mg/kg), manganese [E5] (13.2 mg/kg), zinc [E6] (254 mg/kg), selenium [E8] (0.6 mg/kg).
With natural preservatives and natural antioxidants.

Manufacturer's feeding recommendations in g/day:

Hill's Science Plan Puppy Healthy Development Large Chicken is a complete feed for growing dogs.

Weight of
2 - 3 months
4 - 9 months 10 - 12 months
5kg 190 - -
7.5kg 260 - -
10kg 320 - -
15kg 435 360 -
20kg 540 450 360
30kg - 610 485
40kg - 755 605
50kg - 895 715
60kg - - 820

Fresh water should be provided at all times.

The amounts stated above are approximate guidelines and should be adjusted to each dog's individual requirements in order to maintain optimal body weight.

FOR PUPPIES: 2-4 meals per day. Feed your pet the recommended daily amounts in the table above and adjust quantities according size of pet. If anything is unclear, please consult a vet. Once your pet turns 12 months old, you are recommended to switch to Science Plan™ CANINE ADULT ADVANCED FITNESS.

FOR LACTATING DOGS: Food should always be made available to lactating dogs.

Is this your first feeding your dog with this dog food? If so, we recommend mixing the old and new foods together over a period of 7 days, gradually decreasing the quantities of old food over time. To ensure life-long good health for your pet, please ensure a balanced diet for your pet and pay regular visits to your vet (at least twice a year).

Analytical constituents: Hill's Puppy Healthy Development Large Breed with Chicken
vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
vitamin E (tocopherol)
27.5 %
15.1 %
3.4 %
5.6 %
0.99 %
0.82 %
1.5 mg/kg
7.5 %
0.73 %
300.0 mg/kg
0.45 %
100.0 mg/kg
600.0 mg/kg
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