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A cat ball made of 100% catnip, with the intense, stimulating scent of natural catnip, for hours of natural fun. Diameter approx. 4.5cm

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1 Ball
Was  €2.49
Now  €1.99
( €1.99 / piece)
3 Balls
individually priced €5.97
Now €4.99
( €1.66 / piece)

The seeds in the GimCat Hydro-Grass cat grass are highly germinative barley. The growing tray contains hydro-granules that hold water (no need for constant watering).

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( €1.86 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 3 x 150 g
individually priced €8.37
Now €6.49
( €1.44 / 100g)

Cat grass - the essential green helper for your cat’s digestion. Grow your own in a plant tray, this handy pack is ready mixed in its own planting material for easy planting.

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3 x refill bag
Was  €3.59
Now  €2.99
( €1.00 / 100g)

A decorative ceramic bowl decorated with a cat pattern. Includes 50 g cat grass seed. Cat grass is an essential aid to healthy digestion.

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Ø 15 x 4 cm + 50 g cat grass seed
Was  €4.79
Now  €4.19

GimCat Mintips with aromatic catnip are an enticing reward in handy tab form; an irresistible treat for between meals, sugar- and preservative-free

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90 mintips
Saver Pack: 3 x 90 mintips
individually priced €9.57
Now €7.99

Herbal mix from Trixie with long-lasting scent, inspires cats to playful behaviour.

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RRP*  €1.99
Our Price  €0.99

Beaphar Catnip-Bits with original Beaphar catnip paste, a crunchy, yummy treat with premium catnip - in a resealable pouch.

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( €1.93 / 100g)
Saver Pack: 3 x 150g
individually priced €8.67
Now €7.49
( €1.66 / 100g)

Stimulating catnip spray suitable for cats of any age. Encourages playful behavior and can help to discourage unwanted scratching of furnishings. Long-lasting fragrance of natural Canadian Catnip

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Was  €4.99
Now  €3.99

Cat Grass:

Cat grass kit with 3 packs of seeds and 3 packs of vermiculite, to help you cultivate a natural source of fibre for cats of any age. Can be used with the Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter.

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Grass Kit (3 pack)
Was  €11.99
Now  €9.49

Healthy, irresistible treats from GimCat. Cat grass in a practical tab form, with natural vitamins from grass. Contains minerals & trace elements.

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Was  €4.19
Now  €3.59
( €2.56 / 100g)
Was  €8.49
Now  €6.99
( €1.64 / 100g)

Bring the outside world into your home. A hygienic cat grass kit to grow fresh grass for your pet. It includes an acupressure mat and can be used in conjunction with the Catit Design Senses Range.

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Garden Set (ca. Ø 24 cm)
Was  €14.49
Now  €11.99
Cat Grass Refill Bag (2 Bags of 70 g)
Was  €6.49
Now  €5.99
( €4.28 / 100g)

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